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Dear gentlemen staying at Kuala Lumpur, having some free time and thinking of how to find a really exciting way to make the most of it – we are here to make you a brilliant offer! Our agency of escort services specializes in expat ladies, all young and lovely, and completely different from all those Asian hotties you've used to seeing daily!

Expatriate ladies arrive in Malaysia to find better jobs, chic lifestyle and warm climate – this country is full of opportunities. We pick the finest of them to be engaged in our agency, providing respectable gentlemen, both local and foreign, with all sorts of escort services.

Like we already said, the ladies are expatriates, not locals, and that makes them really outstanding in here, with their amazing looks featuring big eyes, dolly faces, hot curvy figures and long slim legs. Your escort date can make you a nice company in exploring the city and visiting the trendiest cafes, bars and clubs, or maybe the most famous sights. They know the city perfectly well and are always ready to amuse you with a couple of fun stories.

Also, many clients choose our ladies as their dates for some fancy events like meetings, parties, weddings etc, wishing to make everyone's jaws drop when they see a model-looking young lady, perfectly discreet and polite, smart and cute, catching everyone's attention. A girl like that will be the best way possible to show off your broad opportunities and your perfect taste in women.

If you wish to get more than that, you're welcome to ask the lady to join you at a hotel and spend a mind-blowing night, trying all sorts of wild and rushing sex with top, bottom, 69 and much more!

What makes our escort agency real top-class is the attitude of the girls who treat their guests like their beloved and desired ones, not just clients paying for their society. So don't miss a chance to become their Prince Charming and call us right now!


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Calling out to all those who are now in Kuala Lumpur, looking for some really exotic and refreshing experience and a great way to spend a couple of hours or even days! Our escort ladies who are expats from Europe are waiting for you right now, to really surprise you with everything they got.

All the ladies working for us are expatriates staying in Malaysia for a long time and really enjoying all the great opportunities this country provides. We choose young and attractive ladies of the famous model-looking type, so get ready to meet those tall, blonde and slim girls you could only see on your TV or PC screen before. Yes, that's exactly what we mean – any of them can become yours in no time!

You can pick an expatriate lady from our list and ask her to come to the place of yours. No matter what part of the city you're staying at or what time you're calling, the lady will be quick to arrive and blow your mind off with the greatest sex experience of your life! Top, bottom. 69 or doggy-style – our girls are skilled at everything.

If you need more than just sensual pleasures, you can take your escort date out to explore the city together. Remember that they are expats and therefore know the city really well, being able to introduce you to the coolest places. Also, you are going to really enjoy their society, as they are smart, discreet, polite and knowing when to speak and when to listen. Just relax and let her take care of you.

Another option is to book a girl for some chic evening event like a dinner party, wedding or something like that. Suppose you don't have a date, just pick one of our expat ladies and be ready to become the center of everyone's attention due to her amazing looks and classy style!

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Are you staying in Kuala Lumpur alone and maybe feeling a little down and bored with all the exotic things you've seen and tried by now? Now, we have something really exotic to show you – how about gorgeous expat ladies to accompany you in various situations? Just give us a call, and we'll arrange everything in no time.

The ladies working for us are independent escorts coming from European countries in search of a better life – they choose the right place, for Malaysia can give unlimited opportunities. Some of them become our employees, skilled and experienced in all kinds of serving men.

You can pick a lady for the night and enjoy some brand new experience – have you ever been with a European girl in the heart of Asia? This is going to be really cool! Just imagine her soft skin, body to-kill-for and also her passion to please her in any way possible, from missionary to 69! This night will be a smoking hot one!

But what if you need a girl for something more than just bedtime? No problem: we are top professionals and give various services. Our girls can show you around the city, joining you in hitting the most popular sights and always ready to introduce you to something local residents only can know about. Prepare to have a lovely time and forget all troubles of yours!

Or maybe you are in desperate need of some impressive date for an important social event? No one will do better than an expat lady, all dressed up like a superstar, perfectly polite and discreet, charming and adorable in everything!

So, come up with what you need and give us a call – every client is the most important one to us!


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What can be really exotic in a city packed with Asian beauties of all sorts? Of course, a European girl, catching everyone's attention with her incredible model-like looks. People of Asian countries are really into the European type right now, and some male expats and tourists prefer such girls to locals, not willing to spend time with Asian chicks. To all those, we offer a brand new escort service which includes expat girls from various regions.

All the ladies are incredibly beautiful and attractive, loving and caring and ready to please you in any way you can ever fancy! They are cool at both traditional and kinky sex, so get ready to make all your 69, top, bottom and other fantasies come real. To those who are willing to get something more than just lovely time at a hotel room, you're welcome to find a nice, polite, charming and discreet lady for accompanying you in your city trips. The girls live here as expats and know everything about how to have all sorts of fun in the city, no matter what you fancy or prefer. They will be understanding to any need of yours, making you feel relaxed, welcome, desired and valued.

Another great option is to take a lady out with you as your date for some fancy event. What can become a better way for a gentleman to show off his success than a stunning lady next to him, looking like a top model right from runway and also polite like a true lady? Be ready to see the jaws drop down to the ground!

Needless to say all the expat ladies we work with are incredibly attractive and hot, rocking hot bodies and cute faces, pretty in that unique Western way which is greatly appreciated all around the East presently. Ever fancies being with a true model? Now you can!

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